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UNESS International announces the opening of Ui-Resident to support the training of specialist fields of medicine internationally

During the day of the UNESS Workshops, UNESS International (Ui), a subsidiary, announces international opening Ui-Resident to support the training of specialties of medicine.

From the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, residents of Saint Joseph University (USJ) in Beirut will access the digital educational platform of UNESS International and will be supported, all throughout the year, by the National College of Teachers in Anesthesia and Resuscitation (CNEAR).

UNESS International continues its deployment and positions itself in the Middle East with Ui- Resident as part of the Ui / USJ / CNEAR partnership

After openingUi-BFE now allowing several hundred international students to train on French faculty exams to prepare for entry into residency, UNESS International now offers a digital educational support system for residents in their specialty courses of medicine. Students will be able to benefit from it from the start of the 2021/2022 academic year.

As part of a global dynamic combining digital and human interactions, international residents have access, on the one hand, to sound courses produced by French universities in the form of progressive learning paths. On the other hand, they will benefit from interactive animations directly with the National Colleges of teachers of specialties..

“We are embarking on our 2nd phase of development as a vector for disseminating knowledge in health by creating links with the teaching teams; this device is part of our desire to bring about a new approach to digital learning on a global scale while preserving the human link. »Specifies Olivier PALOMBI, President of UNESS International.

In the first stage, around twenty residents of the USJ will be supported by the Ui platform, on the one hand, and the CNEAR, on the other hand, in addition to the training offered by their university.

Prof. Samia JEBARA, Head of the Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department at USJ and Julien POTTECHER, PU- PH, President of the National College of Anesthesia and Resuscitation welcome this initiative which makes it possible to: "break down borders, bring together 'teachers and which, thanks to Ui, offers the opportunity to “bring” the university and health knowledge closer to each of the residents ”.

Prospects for opening other specialty sectors expected in the coming weeks for other French-speaking regions

UNESS International intends to continue to open up all medical specialties in order to cover knowledge of all specialty sectors. “In the long term, there will be more than forty medical specialties, and thousands of updated content which will soon be available, continuously, on a global scale, on the digital platform Ui. Discussions are underway with colleges to expand this openness to other specialties and other health sectors, such as pharmacy and dentistry. »Indicates Nathalie CHHUN, Managing Director of the Ui platform.

"It is an important stake of the influence of the Francophonie in Central and Eastern Europe" specifies Mohamed KETATA, Regional Director of the AUF "... And a real impetus for our universities" indicate Pr. Radu ILIESCU, Vice-Rector of the UMF from IASI, as well as Dr Ioana ROTAR, from UMF from CLUJ, Ui partners since 2020.

The Ui digital platform, a lever for the educational transformation in health through digital technology on a global scale


UNESS International is the digital platform of French universities in Health dedicated to the dissemination, promotion and enhancement of training content and digital educational assessment tools in health and sport, in France and internationally. Powerful vector for the democratization of French knowledge in health towards all populations (health professionals or not, students, patients, etc.) UNESS International is an initiative supported by the Conferences of Deans and the Conference of University Presidents part of a process of inter-cooperation with all health sectors, of strengthening “lifelong” training in universities and openness on a European and global scale.

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