19 Jul 2021

Ui launches “Resident Ui” for future medical specialists

UNESS International (Ui) announced on July 9 on the occasion of the UNESS Workshops day, the launch of the device Ui Resident for support the training of specialties of medicine. “From the start of the 2021/2022 school year, the educational course in anesthesia and intensive care will be available; other specialties such as urology, cardiology, psychiatry, emergency medicine or even maxillofacial surgery will soon be available via the digital platform of the Ui ”, indicates Nathalie Chhun, Director General of the institution.

Each specialty course, structured by the National Colleges, will include several hundred courses developed by teachers from French universities in health as well as sequences of evaluations. At each stage, a “badge” will be issued to the resident and will allow him to independently monitor his progress, at the end of which a certificate of achievement will be issued.

"Ultimately, more than forty medical specialties and thousands of content will be offered, continuously, on a worldwide scale and it is now possible for us to respond to all requests for tailor-made training programs to all players" , details Nathalie Chhun. Discussions are underway to extend this offer to other health sectors, such as pharmacy and dentistry.

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