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Ui Training: the BFE

The BFE brings together all the exams that have been offered in French medical faculties in recent years to students preparing for entry into residency. Extremely rich, the BFE concentrates the equivalent of nearly 580 days of continuous training, composed of Isolated Questions (IQ), Progressive Files (DP) and Critical Reading of Articles (LCA). 

Many commented corrections accompany these training contents to allow relevant and independent learning. The BFE is offered in a very agile digital environment allowing you to play from a simple connection and from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Many features allow you to manage and customize each training session:

  • Filters by city, discipline, keyword, identifier
  • Features to replay and monitor progress and performance

For who ?

  • Students preparing for entry into residency
  • Students wishing to attend ECNi
  • Teachers wishing to acquire quality digital educational support on the knowledge expected during the first years of medicine
  • Universities wishing to offer their community of teachers and students a dematerialized digital support for training and monitoring the progress of knowledge of the first years of medicine
  • Anyone, institution or company wishing to have a platform to train and assess themselves on the knowledge of the first years of medicine


  • From now on: the Anesthesia and Resuscitation course is now accessible!
  • Scheduled before this fall: the courses of
    • Urology 
    • Cardiology
    • Psychiatry
    • Emergency medicine
    • Maxillofacial surgery
    • etc

For who ?

  • students wishing to benefit from a support system complementary to their specialty training
  • teachers wishing to have additional or palliative digital educational support (training not available locally)
  • universities wishing to expand their training offer with a very high quality digital device.

Ui Training / Residents *

UNESS International (Ui) offers a quality digital educational system allowing, with the help of teachers from French universities in health and Colleges of specialties of medicine, to support medical residents and their teachers from French-speaking and international regions in their training of specialties. In the form of a progressive educational path, the resident acquires the knowledge expected within the framework of his specialty training thanks to the numerous courses and the sequences of evaluations offered on the digital platform of Ui. Each specialty course is made up of several hundred courses developed by teachers from French universities in health and the educational structuring of the courses is provided by the National Colleges of France.

At each stage, a “badge” is issued to the resident and allows him to independently follow his progress in the course. At the end of the course, a certificate of success in monitoring and success in the assessment sequences is issued, by name and in a secure manner (unique identifier and QR Code), by the College to the resident. The resident's university can also establish its own educational path which will give rise to a reward: Badge and certificate of achievement.

The system is accompanied by interactive educational sequences with college teachers by videoconference.


* Residents in France are called "Interns".

Ui Rating

UNESS International (Ui) offers a complete academic system for health trainers allowing

  • To design the test content (studio) (expected for JANUARY 2022)
  • To plan the test sessions (planning) (expected for JANUARY 2022)
  • To play the events simultaneously on all time zones (player) (expected for JANUARY 2022)
  • Generate grades and rankings for distribution to teachers but also individually for candidates (grading) (expected for January 2022)

Today, the tests are designed directly in the Moodle 'Evaluations' or via EXCEL sheet then import XML into Moodle 'Evaluation'

  • To manage the registration of candidates
  • To follow the activity of the candidates during the test in real time
  • To interact with the candidates during the test
  • To distribute the notes and corrections
  • Manage candidate feedback
  • To establish statistics

Today, we rely on the GIP platform UNESS.fr, we do not have our own platform. An essential tool for all teachers and trainers in the health sector, Ui Evaluation makes it possible to design very quickly and agile test sessions according to the pedagogical approaches specific to the health training sector.

For who ?

  • Teachers, institutions and universities wishing to have a complete or partial “dematerialized examination room” environment and wishing to organize exam sessions locally or on a large geographic scale.
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