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UNESS International offers foreign universities
online access to the SIDES NG environment
(Dematerialized Inter-University System
Health Assessment - New Generation).

For the 3rd cycle of medical studies

Access to the library and training courses for the 44 Specialized Studies Diplomas (DES) provided by all the faculties in France. These contents are created by the national colleges of teachers of specialties (developments to come)

Management of copyright

The solution that manages copyright through a dematerialized tool (to come)

Diploma portal

The national portal for University Diplomas (DU) and Interuniversity Diplomas (DIU) in health offered by all faculties in France (to come)

Our partners

With several thousand hours of training, the French Training Bank (BFE) allows students from European and non-European faculties to train on the same content as students from French faculties preparing for the computerized National Classing Examinations. (ECNi) organized each year by France.

More than a training bank, the BFE is a real digital assistant to support students, complementing the face-to-face training.

The BFE is also open to all learners, to assimilate and assess the knowledge expected at the end of the 2nd cycle of medical studies.

Many features developed by the UNESS International teams make it possible to monitor performance, replay questions, deepen knowledge, print question sets and student responses, etc.

Soon, the BFE will be linked to the national library of repositories of 2nd cycle courses developed by the National Colleges of Teachers in Medicine.

To benefit from access to the BFE, no registration with a French faculty, nor any travel to France is necessary; everything is done from a simple internet connection!

Individual subscriptions for the year 2020/2021 are open! Benefit from a discount for any subscription before August 1st. University partnerships are also possible at special rates.

FAQ - We answer all your questions!

Is the content of the BFE identical to that used by students of French faculties?

Yes ! It is the same content.
The BFE is the version open to international students of the BNE (National Training Bank) of the SIDES NG platform.

Is the correction scale that applied to ECNi?

Yes quite !

Is the correction accompanied by explanations?

Yes, the corrections indicate the correct answers and may be accompanied by an explanation.
Corrections can be printed with or without your answers.

Are all the cities well represented?

Yes, you can customize your training sessions by choice of City / Faculty

What are ECNp?

The ECNp are the “white” tests of the ECNi organized, free of charge, by UNESS International in the same format as the ECNi. All registered participants benefit from a personalized correction. We also send the personal ranking of the participant compared to the ranking of students from the faculties of France. BFE users are automatically enrolled in ECNp.
The ECNp are generally held during the month of March.

Will the platform be updated at the same time as the implementation of the new standards for the reform of the ECN?

All the content of the BFE is identical to the French version used by students of French faculties. All updates are done simultaneously for all users.
UNESS.fr and UNESS International will reorganize content, without disturbing users of French and international faculties, to adapt to the evolution of ECNi within the framework of the reform.

Can students who are not from the European Union register on SIDES?

Yes ! The SIDES platform of UNESS International is accessible by all people not registered in a French university / faculty regardless of their country of residence. Subscription is done online from our site.

Do you take users' opinions into account?

Absolutely! This tool is yours! We strive to improve it and make it perfectible based on user feedback and usage. Do not hesitate to come back to us with your comments so that we can take into account the developments to be undertaken.

After our star rating system, our next integration into the BFE concerns the library of 2nd cycle course repositories. We will keep you informed of its commissioning (expected in the coming months).

Do you take into account the updates to HAS recommendations?

All the questions and the contents are related to the repositories published by the National Colleges of Medical Teachers which are the official reference materials for the ECNi.

*** Another question ? we answer you: contact us here!

The BFE, a real digital teaching assistant for the knowledge expected at the end of the 2nd cycle of medical studies.

Equipped with many features, the BFE allows you:

  • to personalize your training sessions: choice by keyword, by city, number of questions per session, etc ...
  • to access all the content posted by all the faculties
  • find all your training logs
  • to replay the events as many times as you want
  • to follow your progress
  • to have corrections
  • to have a rating according to the same principles as in ECNi
  • assess the relevance of the test (rating in number of stars by users)
I subscribe to the BFE!

A complete solution to learn, review, assess and deepen your knowledge at your own pace

Set up all your training sessions from your personal dashboard and manage your review or learning journey independently thanks to your personal dashboard.

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