04 May 2021

Olivier PALOMBI, elected to the Board of Directors of CIDMEF

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the International Conference of Deans of Medicine and Faculties of French Expression (CIDMEF), on April 28, Oliver PALOMBI, President of UNESS international is elected member of its board of directors. 

The election of Olivier Palombi is an opportunity for UNESS International, which is pursuing its strategic development in the direction of Francophone and Francophile regions. After several sealed partnerships in Central Europe and the Middle East, UNESS International aims to make the learning paths and their educational content developed by the French university community in Health accessible to all students, teachers, universities and stakeholders in the world of health. health worldwide, thanks to digital e-learning technologies developed by teams of pedagogical and computer engineers ”

Contact: Nathalie CHHUN, Managing Director - nathalie.chhun@uness-international.fr

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