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Our missions and our ambition

Supported by the Conferences of Deans of University Health Sectors, UNESS International, a subsidiary of GIP UNESS.fr, is a new and innovative national initiative that places digital and artificial intelligence at the heart of the learning system. UNESS International disseminates and promotes educational content in France and internationally to allow the widest access to academic excellence in health knowledge.

UNESS International offers a range of services to:

  • Disseminate, promote and enhance the academic knowledge carried by the entire University community of France by Health ;
  • Train, train, assess and validate knowledge in the field of health;
  • To offer a unique and automated national solution for the management of copyright.

Olivier PALOMBI, President

Vice-Dean of the Grenoble-Alpes Faculty of Medicine, Olivier Palombi is also Digital Officer for the Conference of Deans of Medicine.
Professor Palombi works as a Neurosurgeon at Grenoble University Hospital and Professor of Anatomy at Grenoble Faculty of Medicine.
Olivier Palombi is also Vice-President of GIP UNESS.fr.

Nathalie CHHUN, Managing Director

Doctor of pharmacy, specializing in public health and health security, former student of the Executive master's degree in Health Policy Management at Sciences Po Paris, Nathalie Chhun previously held the position of Policy Officer in the Department of Economic Affairs and Institutional Relations of the LEEM (Les Entreprises du Médicament) then Director of Innovation at the General Delegation of the FHF (Fédération Hospitalière de France) where she notably piloted the campaign for the economic unlocking of telemedicine.


UNESS International was created by the GIP UNESS.fr during its general meeting of December 20, 2018 and during which the appointments of Prof. Olivier PALOMBI and Dr. Nathalie CHHUN were approved, respectively Vice-President and General Manager of its recovery channel.

Endowed with a Supervisory Board which has a broad and permanent power of control over the activities ofUNESS International, it is made up of representatives of the GIP UNESS.fr and the Conferences of Deans.

UNESS International supports its strategic development in accordance with the values held by the University.


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